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Feb 13 / Crafts man

Treasures from the trash for a craft activity for children

Years ago, I was invited to hold a seminar for heads of entertainment ideas for a craft activity for children. I chose to share how they could use items around the house to create art for children in low-cost and crafts. Recognising that many budgets are limited, Treasures from Trash was created.

Ask the children to save items to contribute to your enjoyment of art and craft projects. This is an excellent opportunity to integrate the importance of recycling and saving our landfills. Listed are some ideas to save the recyclable items, but look around and see if there are other elements that can be used to create your own treasures from the trash. Use your imagination and thinking “outside the box”!

These recyclable items make great art and crafts. Make sure you check these items so that they are clean and safe for children to use.

* Egg Cartons
Paper rolls *
* Berry Baskets
* Baby food jars
* Plastic soda bottles
* Cans of tuna (no sharp edges)
* Old greeting cards and calendars
plastic rings * Six-Pack
* Paper grocery bags
Magazines * (suitable for children)
* Coffee and beverage cans
* Oatmeal Containers
* Newspaper
* Assortment of cardboard boxes of size
* Clean socks (those who have not lost in the dryer!)

Some ideas for craft activities for children include puppets, box sculptures, science projects, collages and homemade gifts. Puppets can be made from all sizes of bags, socks and boxes. Create a marionette with a shoebox and imagination! Many science projects such as making one, the rain tornado or terrarium call for a plastic bottle of soda. Use berry baskets to decorate Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day or Easter gifts.

Make a collage is an artistic statement using a large number of items listed above. Put your old greeting cards, calendars, magazines, postcards and scraps of paper for children to create a collage. Save remaining crafts, such as buttons, ribbons, lace, fabric scraps, and balls for use on the collage.

I hope this is just the beginning of you creating your own Treasures from Trash projects. If you’re short of ideas, put the items recycled and let the children create! They can be very resourceful and imaginative.

Feb 11 / Crafts man

Top Games & Toys Under $ 75 for 5 year olds

There are many, many, many options for toys and games under $ 75 for 5 years to entertain you for hours. Knowing the money at a young age could be a useful way to teach children the importance of money. Game of the silver coin and bills is a great way to teach children about money and is very realistic.

Words that rhyme is a show of images with different equipment pieces of the puzzle. This is a good tool to use to use, because having the words with the pictures can give your child a better understanding of what it rhymes and it is not. I Spy Game Pre School is a fun way to learn the different objects to be preserved, correspondence and reproduction of the images.

My first dictionary helps children learn various nouns, adjectives, which are common in children under 5 years worldwide. The items also contain images that are good visual aids to help children more easily understand the definitions. Sticky Mosaics make premature rupture of the study and allows the flow of creativity and when they are finished, you can hang their finished work on the wall of their room.

unit blocks of wood can teach the basic concepts of many children. Blokus is a very fun game that helps children build a unique perception and logical thinking. (Even adults can enjoy this game more than children.) Hallabuloo skull is a fun and exciting way to exercise and encourages the resolution of problems. Lincoln Logs Bicentennial Edition supports a variety of educational functions such as creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving. These newspapers will allow children to build whatever their heart desires.

If a child is in the arts and crafts, most of them, My Giant Busy Box will provide hours of creative projects to work on. Kapla 200 Piece Wooden Building Set is a great way to enhance the child’s creativity and technical skills. For longer trips with your children what would be a good idea to have travel toys to occupy their time with toys and games as Wedgits Wedgits To Go To Go offers a variety of activities such as building blocks, the understanding of geometric concepts, and inspire complex thought.

These games and toys are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the options for entertainment and education of children. Since there are many options available to find quality toys and games could be a difficult task. customer satisfaction should be a must.

Feb 10 / Crafts man

The purchase of a wooden play kitchen set for your child

There are different types of kitchen utensils to play. Some are plastic and can take several years, but if you want a kitchen to a durable wooden kitchen set will be the best investment for your money. In today’s economy, with many having to squeeze the dollar, there are many ways to look at. Do you want your money to buy a set of plastic that will last a short time or a single set of wooden cooking game that will last long?

There are many styles of wooden utensils in the game. Some are naturally colored and others are painted. Many kitchen utensils wooden game consists of a wooden toy cupboard, wooden kitchen toys, wooden toys, refrigerators and even a microwave oven wooden toys. Some sets of wooden play kitchen is fully assembled, although the cost of transporting more. Other sets of wooden kitchen play are assembled and which can become a family project to put together or maybe a good project for a parent or grandparent to put together and make it even more special knowing that he was “manufactured” by someone special .

I received a consignment of wooden closet when I was 2 years and remember how much fun I had playing with it. My sister and I played “house” every day and I know that my parents were very happy to know that the money spent on mobile gaming in wood has been much appreciated. Over time, I had a daughter and wooden furniture game was played again. Today, to be kept waiting for my grandchildren and play wooden furniture is in excellent condition. I do not think plastic would last more than 40 years old and in excellent condition.

One of my favorite companies are Elves and Angels is a company that makes wooden toys in Maine. This company has many styles of kitchen wooden toy games like the one I had when I was little. This company not only sets of wooden kitchen play toy, but also play a layer of wood changing table as well. This will really keep your little book for “the family”. Some have built a cage with two shelves is ideal for displaying all the “pretty flat”. The children can do on the two oven racks and store items in the closet. Made of solid wood with rounded edges, your child enjoy many happy times to cook and prepare delicious dishes.

Other kitchen utensils, wooden game are very catchy. Instead of the bottom of the toy cupboard with wooden doors, awnings and bright colors make this kitchen stand out and all seem very creative. It also gives the small lots of space to the left of the sink for drying dishes or do any “food preparation” to do.

Some groups of mobile game wooden toy kitchen wood stove and oven and game combined together. The “sink” is a small stainless steel bowl. With enough space to cook, cooking and cleaning tasks your child will know the true art of cooking.

There are also ideas that can be used when the baby is too big to play with her. It ‘s a great place to store crafts, scrapbooking materials, or perhaps store the projects in your little baby in her memory.

There are many advertisements for toys in the world today is trying to attract the attention of parents and children, but sometimes items that are not announced who is the best. Toys are toys, but a real toy is one that can be passed from generation to generation, with great stories that can be passed too.

Feb 9 / Crafts man

The magic of the arts of textiles and toy craft

It seems that the proliferation of high-tech toys has created another fantastic toy for children in the magical canvas. This seems to be a trend in recent times, some kind of interruption in the production technology allows companies to create toys for new and exciting products on the market. We have seen with electronic toys, but now we see the person with the toy craft never thought we could improve. The Magic have woven an excellent example of a new version of an old idea of handmade toys for activities to keep your child amused for hours, weeks and months. Take a close look at this wonderful toy that will generate the creative spark in the fanciful and almost all children.

Soft toys Magic is actually a particular type of fabric material that has been specially designed to have properties that make it stick to itself. Because he can do, the child will be able to create characters, figures, animals, or almost any form they want and the magic cloth will always be in the form they have created. This unique fabric sticking to itself and nothing else, not even the hair or dirt that makes life and durable enough for the child.

Magic fabric does not have to sew it, heat, or a stick to keep him in the form of your choice. The toy is already printed and cut sheets that are designed to be just the right shape for the moment the boats. You can take all the different colors and combining them to create almost limitless combinations of shapes and figures. You can also create shapes that appear swollen, if you apply two different pieces of fabric together and then use the attached roller to press together, then finally closed, your building project is unique.

Magic fabric we must first look fabrics Magic Starter Kit, because it really is the basis of the full range of their toys. The complete kit is actually a source of activities for your child to have time to play almost endless. With this kit included three hand rolls, four patches of fabric, three pieces of foam, four ribbons, a cloth sheet of Magic, and a guide to character. You’ll find that making your first animal is very easy because the parts are made from slabs to remove and put in place. You may find that children need a little help, but once the pieces are starting to take off and do tricks and characters quite easily. After that, each child will place the material between the plates, turn the crank and out comes a unique piece made by hand, are sure to love. A new dimension is to use the wheel to your inflated figures because it will allow the child to more than double the types of characters they already have. Take the final product and stick it in a refrigerator or a window, or a book, and you will always remember as a fun fabric is Magic.